Die Flughafengesellschaft FBB betreibt den Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt (BER) mit seinen drei Terminals. Berlin ist der drittgrößte Flughafenstandort in Deutschland; gemessen an den ankommenden und abfliegenden Passagieren (ohne Umsteiger) sogar der größte. Die Flughäfen Schönefeld und Tegel fertigten im Jahr 2019, vor der Coronavirus-Pandemie, rund 35,65 Millionen Passagiere ab. Für das Jahr 2020 rechnet die Flughafengesellschaft mit insgesamt rund neun Millionen Passagieren.

The airport company Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) operates Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport (BER) with its three terminals. Berlin is the third biggest airport location in Germany and ranks first in terms of origin and destination traffic (not counting connecting passengers). In 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic, the airports in Schönefeld and Tegel handled around 35.65 million passengers. For 2020, the airport company expects a total of around nine million passengers.

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Annual Report 2013

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102 | Flughafen Berlin

102 | Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH Tegel Airport When the new BER is opened, Tegel Airport will cease operation. In accordance with the notice concerning the revocation of the permit for operation of Berlin- Tegel Airport from the Senate Department for Urban Development of 29 July 2004 (closure notice), Tegel Airport must be maintained in operating condition for another six months (maximum) after operational startup of BER. During this period, all of the areas and equipment required for flight operations must be maintained in “stand-by mode” at TXL so that in the event of operational failure (malfunctions in flight operations and / or equipment) the land-air line for flight operations can be reactivated and the connection of the City of Berlin to air transport is guaranteed. Following the departure of the functional operations and the release from the operating obligation, the premises will be cleared and facilities related to airport operation will be dismantled within 3 months. The complete return of the airport premises to the State of Berlin and the federal government will follow promptly. The property on which Tegel Airport is located is owned by the State of Berlin and the Federal Agency for Real Estate Management. The land areas were conveyed to BFG in the form of leaseholds. All of the buildings belong to BFG. Negotiations with the Senate Department of Finances and the Federal Agency for Real Estate Management regarding the return of the real estate properties and the residual values of the buildings have not been concluded. C Commercial Development C1 Earnings position The Group reported a consolidated deficit for the year of €181.7m for 2013 (previous year €185.2m). The rise in the results for the year results primarily from the lower Other operating expenses caused by the postponement of the operational startup of BER. They are offset by higher depreciation resulting from the higher asset values and the increase in financing expenses for BER.

Our Figures | 103 Sales revenues rose from €269.6m to €306.6m. Sales revenues (in €m) 2013 2012 Change Aviation 192.3 184.3 8.0 4 % Non-Aviation 47.2 45.2 2.0 4 % Real Estate 33.4 29.0 4.4 15 % Construction services 25.9 3.3 22.6 >100 % Services 3.0 2.9 0.1 3 % Miscellaneous 4.8 4.9 -0.1 -2 % Total 306.6 269.6 37.0 14 % Sales revenues from the Aviation division rose by 4.3 % from €184.3m to €192.3m owing to the increase in numbers of passengers over 2012. The Non-Aviation division also posted an increase in sales revenues from €45.2m to €47.2m. This rise comes primarily from the higher revenues for parking. Sales revenues in the Real Estate division rose from €29.0m to €33.4m, essentially from increased revenues from the disposal of de-icing wastewater. Sales revenues from construction services for third parties increased from €3.3m to €25.9m, basically resulting from the invoicing of the construction services performed for the underground fuelling. This was accompanied by a decline in inventories (€-25.4m; previous year €7.1m). Own work capitalised resulted essentially from activities related to the construction of BER (€15.4m; previous year €12.5m). Other operating income rose in comparison with the previous year from €15.9. to €17.1m, for the most part a consequence of the rise in income from the reversal of provisions (€+3.2m). Ongoing expenses for FBB Group (€376.3m) declined by €6.2m in comparison with the previous year (€382.4m). Expenses in €m 2013 2012 Change Cost of materials 71.6 74.8 -3.2 -4 % Personnel expenses 104.5 88.8 15.7 18 % Write-offs and depreciation 90.6 85.7 4.9 6 % Other operating expenses 109.6 133.1 -23.5 -18 % Total 376.3 382.4 -6.1 -2 %

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