Berlin ist mit rund 35,65 Millionen Passagieren im Jahr 2019 der drittgrößte Flughafenstandort in Deutschland. Aktuell gibt es zwei Flughäfen: den Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld und den Flughafen Berlin-Tegel. Der gesamte Luftverkehr der deutschen Hauptstadtregion soll am Standort Schönefeld konzentriert werden. Dafür plant und baut die Flughafengesellschaft den Flughafen SXF zum Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg – kurz BER – aus. Das Terminal T1 des BER wird am 31. Oktober 2020 eröffnet.
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Annual Report 2012

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Portraits, finances, prospects: Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH presents its key business segments, latest financial statements and most recent developments in the annual report.

36 | Flughafen Berlin

36 | Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH valuated on the basis of an actuarial assessment pursuant to Section 253 (1) and (2) HGB. The discounting of the provisions to cash value is calculated by applying an interest rate of 5.07% (previous year 5.13%). A salary trend of 1.5% was assumed (unchanged) for the valuation of the partial retirement provisions. Liabilities are shown at the payment amounts. Deferred income contains income representing earnings for a certain period after the closing date. Deferred taxes There was no measurement of a reimbursement from deferred taxes in conformity with Section 274 (1) HGB. A deferred payment is shown as a balance. Consolidation principles The book-value method is still used for capital consolidation from previous periods. The book value of the shareholdings in the consolidated companies shown in the FBB balance sheet is offset against the equity shown in the balance sheets of these subsidiaries at the point in time of the initial consolidation. The capital consolidation of BFG results in a difference on the liability side in the amount of €21.2m (previous year €16.2m) which is allocated to the capital reserves. The increase in the difference results from the value of the shares in BFG being reduced once again in 2012 by the retroactive property-related acquisitions costs of €5,009k from 2010. The item comprises real property transfer tax which was assessed in 2010 on the land and leasehold areas at Tegel Airport transferred to FBB within the framework of the merger in 2003 and reimbursed by the tax authorities in the reporting period. Receivables and liabilities among the consolidated companies are offset against one other. Sales revenues and other income were offset against the corresponding expenditures. The closing date for all of the companies included in the consolidation is the same as that of the parent company. All of the annual accounts included in the consolidation were prepared in euros.

Explanatory Comments on the Consolidated Balance Sheet Fixed assets The movement of individual items of the fixed assets, including write-offs taken in the fiscal year, is shown in the fixed assets movement. 31/12/2012 €k 31/12/2011 €k Intangible assets 11,040 8,613 Tangible assets thereof land and buildings thereof payments on account and construction in progress. 3,159,898 1,037,512 1,669,716 2,629,239 769,914 1,469,117 Financial assets 94 97 Total 3,171,032 2,637,949 Work in progress FBB is performing construction services related to construction facilities for BER on behalf of third parties. The capitalised costs of manufacture (€25,361k; previous year €22,991k) contain essentially construction services performed for the underground fuelling carried out on behalf of THBG BBI GmbH. Unfinished services were written off in the amount of €4.8m. Receivables and other assets Other assets have a remaining term of less than one year. Trade accounts receivable thereof short-term receivables thereof long-term receivables Amounts owed by undertakings in which the company has a participating interest thereof short-term receivables thereof long-term receivables (term > 1 year) 31/12/2012 €k 44,459 35,002 9,457 1,817 0 1,817 31/12/2011 €k 37,940 28,684 9,256 28,891 28,891 0 Other assets 64,147 42,351 Total 110,423 109,182 Amounts owed by undertakings in which the company has a participating interest represent claims from the on-charging of construction services in the previous year and receivables from granted loans in the reporting period against Dalandi Objekt KGs. Other assets comprise primarily the properties of Business Park Berlin (€28,616k, previous year €28,326k). Moreover, the residual receivable from the EU for the TEN-T funding of the airport terminal in the amount of €14,665k is disclosed under the Other assets. Our Figures | 37

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