Die Flughafengesellschaft FBB betreibt den Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt (BER) mit seinen drei Terminals. Berlin ist der drittgrößte Flughafenstandort in Deutschland; gemessen an den ankommenden und abfliegenden Passagieren (ohne Umsteiger) sogar der größte. Die Flughäfen Schönefeld und Tegel fertigten im Jahr 2019, vor der Coronavirus-Pandemie, rund 35,65 Millionen Passagiere ab. Für das Jahr 2020 rechnet die Flughafengesellschaft mit insgesamt rund neun Millionen Passagieren.

The airport company Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) operates Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport (BER) with its three terminals. Berlin is the third biggest airport location in Germany and ranks first in terms of origin and destination traffic (not counting connecting passengers). In 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic, the airports in Schönefeld and Tegel handled around 35.65 million passengers. For 2020, the airport company expects a total of around nine million passengers.

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Annual Report 2012

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Portraits, finances, prospects: Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH presents its key business segments, latest financial statements and most recent developments in the annual report.

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→ 10 | Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH SPRINT to BER Accelerating the Opening April 2013 saw the launch of the action plan SPRINT. The goal: fast integration of the new airport into the transport network. April 2013 saw the launch of the action plan SPRINT. The goal: fast integration of the new airport into the transport network. Following multiple postponements of the opening of Berlin Brandenburg Airport in 2012, the focus of the Airport Company is now on the successful operational start-up of BER as soon as possible. To ensure achievement of this goal, the action plan SPRINT, headed by the CEO, has been established. The project management office is located right on the BER premises. The open-plan office is where all of the controlling strings for SPRINT come together. SPRINT bundles all of the tasks related to the operational start-up of BER, from the construction work which remains to be done to approvals, trial operation and to the opening of the airport. The key steering element of SPRINT is a project management office (PMO) located right on the BER premises. Management and executives of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH are collaborating on the site with external experts and a larger number of module managers to realise a fast and safe opening of BER. The integrated process work on a largearea campus provides the foundation for fast decisions. Problems are analysed, distilled to their essence and solved without hindrance by hierarchical boundaries. Decisions are immediately documented and communicated to all of the involved parties as soon as they are made. Project Management Office (PMO) The project is being steered by a project management office (PMO) created for this purpose; the office is located on the BER premises. The

PMO is the principal management instrument for SPRINT. It provides the support instruments for the conduct of the SPRINT project, including clear, focused reporting, a cross-over, standardised time schedule, the support of internal and external communications and other tasks. The PMO is the link between top management and module managers. The Modules The tasks which must be completed to achieve the operational start-up of BER have been broken down into various modules. The module managers are internal and external executives who steer the jobs from an overall perspective so that solution-oriented work can be assured in alignment with the key challenges. The exact design of the modules is flexible and follows the needs of the project. The Technical Competence Centre SPRINT has a technical competence centre where additional expertise is bundled. Whenever the need arises, the module managers can quickly Business Fields Requirements Know-how, Personnel FBB Management Project SPRINT PROjECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE (PMO) Technical Competence Centre Acceleration Modules Prioritised Tasks obtain the advice of experts here, e.g. for the solution of problems and the remedy of shortcomings in the collaboration with external companies. The technical competence centre supports the measures for accelerated operational start-up so that the opening of the airport can be achieved quickly and without any red tape. External Contractors Operational Start-up / ORAT 2 SPRINT to BER | 11 “We have set up a campus at BER. There is a daily briefing at 9 o’clock every morning. We communicate directly and without e-mails, make our decisions right on the spot and make sure that the decisions are implemented quickly.” Hartmut Mehdorn, CEO Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH Circumstances Critical for Operational Start-up, BER Status Report Know-how, Personnel BER Planning Construction

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