Die Flughafengesellschaft FBB betreibt den Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt (BER) mit seinen drei Terminals. Berlin ist der drittgrößte Flughafenstandort in Deutschland; gemessen an den ankommenden und abfliegenden Passagieren (ohne Umsteiger) sogar der größte. Die Flughäfen Schönefeld und Tegel fertigten im Jahr 2019, vor der Coronavirus-Pandemie, rund 35,65 Millionen Passagiere ab. Für das Jahr 2020 rechnet die Flughafengesellschaft mit insgesamt rund neun Millionen Passagieren.

The airport company Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) operates Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport (BER) with its three terminals. Berlin is the third biggest airport location in Germany and ranks first in terms of origin and destination traffic (not counting connecting passengers). In 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic, the airports in Schönefeld and Tegel handled around 35.65 million passengers. For 2020, the airport company expects a total of around nine million passengers.

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Annual Report 2011

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Annual Report 2011

→ 42 | Berlin

→ 42 | Berlin Brandenburg Airport → Annual Report 2011 Personnel Attractive employer Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH is an attractive employer which, together with its employees, has mastered this tremendous challenge of building a new airport and at the same time maintaining ongoing operations at the two existing Berlin airports Schoenefeld and Tegel. The company is characterised by the high level of motivation among its workforce – one of the reasons is undoubtedly the deliberate integration of the staff into the change process for operational start-up of BER. Employees Per 31 December 2011, 1,436 people worked at the Berlin airports Schoenefeld and Tegel: 1,001 at Schoenefeld, 435 at Tegel. There were another 126 who were already in the retirement phase of their partial retirement along with 70 vocational trainees and BA students. Job development In total, there were 102 positions vacant announcements at the Berlin Workforce headcount (per 31/12 of each year) airports Schoenefeld and Tegel. Most of these positions were filled by taking associates already in the company who were qualified for these positions. However, 36 applicants from outside were hired (excluding interns and degree candidates). HR activities Personnel support The focus of personnel support in 2011 continued to be on detailed support Location 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 SXF 623 622 624 680 720 750 794 862 918 958 1001 TXL 613 614 617 559 539 537 527 587 548 510 435 THF* 328 313 291 258 242 223 173 38 1 0 0 Total 1,564 1,549 1,532 1,497 1,501 1,510 1,494 1,487 1,467 1,468 1,436 (active employees, employees released from work performance, employees in work phase of partial retirement, employees released from work performance during work phase of partial retirement, former vocational trainees, marginal employees, students, interns, unpaid trainees, temporary help) * Data 2008: FMT GmbH; data 2009: FMIT i.L. of the business departments for the preparation and implementation of the personnel concepts for BER. Our special tasks here included the integration of the staff in the change process and advising managers during this process. They also included the review and development of functions and skills of specific areas in cooperation with the business departments. Moreover, after announcing the not insignificant number of more than 100 positions vacant, it was possible

to fill most of these positions with em- ployees already in the company, and a number of employment contracts were converted from limited-term to indefinite-term contracts. Personnel development A significant milestone related to personnel development was the development of the concept for and implementation of company-wide management competence. The challenges for our managers will grow when Berlin Brandenburg Airport opens. The project “Führungskompass” (Management Compass) was created with this in mind. Within this framework, senior management, managers, associates and the works councils sat down in a number of workshops to determine the demands and expectations the managers of the new airport will face. These management skills are currently being integrated into the selection, development and assessment processes. Annual Report 2011 � Berlin Brandenburg Airport | 43 � There were 1,436 people working at Schoenefeld and Tegel in 2011. The development programme for young professionals and managers, “Take Off II”, which began in 2010 was continued. A mix of various training blocks on the subjects of management, communication, conflicts and change management awaited the 14 participants. The programme was completed by an internal mentoring programme, individual coaching, development interviews, supportive project work and fireside evenings with senior management. Take Off II ended with a development centre in December 2011. Even before they completed the programme, many participants moved into new positions as managers or assumed greater professional responsibility. In addition, many different seminars on method, social and professional skills were conducted. A total of more than 1,170 participants took part in more than 360 training sessions. HR principles The classification of the compensation groups has been modified in the new collective bargaining agreement for the fire brigade. It includes a rise in the basic compensation and a differential allowance; moreover, every associate working in active fire-fighting service must work an additional six shifts (24 hours) per year from 01/07/2012. Vocational training Berlin Brandenburg Airport is one of the largest vocational trainers in the region as it currently has 70 vocational trainees in the programme. In August 2011, 21 young people began their vocational training in seven different fields. 19 young people finished their training in 2011, and those with good results were given limited-term or indefinite-term employment contracts.

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